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Trust K-Way to Deliver LTL and Truckload Solutions

A Leader Among Shipping Companies in Minnesota

K-Way Express, Inc. boasts a portfolio of truckload services that covers virtually every possible need you may have. Whether you need to ship LTL or Truckload regionally or across the country, you can trust that we will deliver your shipments intact and on time. Take a look at some of the chief services we’re happy to provide in the way of shipping and how we can tailor our services to fit your exact needs:

K-Way Express, Inc. LTL (less than truckload)

A different, yet highly convenient way to ship your LTL and Volume LTL shipments, K-Way Express, Inc. offers you a better alternative to any other common shipping company in Minnesota. Our LTL model is based off of minimal handling of your product once it is on our trailer, which translates to less cost to you and a reduction in the likelihood of damage occurring.

In most cases the trailer your product is picked up on is the trailer that it delivers on. With your typical common carrier a shipment is transferred from one trailer to another an average of 3 to 5 times based on where it goes in the country. Each time it is handled the likelihood of being lost or damaged becomes higher and higher. This is a prospect that K-Way Express, Inc. avoids altogether! When your truck leaves your dock, you can rest easier knowing there is minimal handling because your freight is our passenger.

Take a look at a handful of other reasons customers enjoy our LTL shipping options for their freight and cargo:

  • We have local, intrastate, regional and long haul capabilities.
  • It’s highly cost effective versus your larger, common carriers.
  • There is minimal handling, meaning your cargo remains damage free.
  • Our expedited option meets time-critical requirements.

K-Way Express, Inc. Truckload

Our truckload division offers you customized solutions for any size business and virtually any type of freight you’re looking to have shipped. Alongside our large fleet of 53’ air ride logistic vans and refrigerated trailers, we also have a fleet of flatbed and step-deck air-ride trailers ready to fulfill your companies growing and changing needs.

What sets us apart from other shipping companies in Minnesota is our ability to work with you to find a truckload shipping option that’s exactly what you need, no more, no less, giving you your money’s worth and the end result you’re seeking to achieve. Take a look at just a few more reasons to choose K-Way Express, Inc. for your truckload shipping needs:

  • We offer cost effective movement of truckload freight, both inbound and outbound.
  • We have the capability to provide on site trailer spotting, to allow for convenient loading and unloading of your raw materials or finished product.
  • We have the availability to combine your lanes of movement onto one truck to reduce your overall shipping cost from using LTL.
  • We support an on call service through both K-Way Express, Inc. and K-Way Logistics to get the job done in short order.

For more information about any of our shipping options or to learn why K-Way Express, Inc. remains a leading shipping company in Minnesota, please give us a call today at 320-485-2325 to discuss your needs.

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Over 60 Years of Exceptional Service, Competitive Pricing and Customer Satisfaction

“Thanks K-Way for the excellent service you have provided Neal Slate Co. for the past several years. Excellent service on all of our outbound and inbound freight without damage, no matter if it is in the local Twin City area or any point between the East and West coast. We have worked with several other carriers in the past and K-Way has provided the best service.” Gene Ziemer - President, Neal Slate Co.